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We apologize for the inconvenience!


Dear colleagues, we are extremely grateful for your interest. Unfortunately, due to the situation in Russia and the World, the conference is postponed to 2021.


We are glad to invite students, undergraduates, Ph.D. students and early career scientists (under 35 years) interested in Earth sciences to participate in the Conference to Siberia.


The X International Siberian Early Career GeoScientists Conference will be held in one of the most unusual and beautiful places in Novosibirsk - the Science Center. It is located on the shore of the man-made Ob Sea, 35 km south of the center of Novosibirsk. The Novosibirsk Scientific Center, which residents are accustomed to call Akademgorodok, is considered to be the largest in Siberia. More than 40 research institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences are located here. Akademgorodok was founded in 1957 on the initiative of academicians M.A. Lavrentyev, S.L. Sobolev, and S.A. Khristianovich and now is a world-famous scientific center.


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